wq_ff-1 Aggressive V shaped Unidirectional tread design that offers excellent drainage of snow & slush.
 wq1000_biting-edges Stepped slush edges on shoulder blocks cut through thick snow providing extraordinary grip.
 wq_ff-3 Wide center rib with uniquely shaped sipes offer unparalleled safety & braking performance.
wq_ff-4 Rugged blocks with zigzag grooves prevent sliding on ice & snow.
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Descrizione prodotto

SizeLoad Index / Speed SymbolMaximum Load
Single (Kgs)
Maximum Inflation
Rim Width
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth
235/75R15105T-925446.52357339CB71dB/BView Label
235/75R15109TXL1030506.52357339CB71dB/BView Label
215/70R16100H-800446.52217089CB70dB/BView Label
225/70R16103T-875446.52287229CB71dB/BView Label
225/70R16107HXL975506.52287229CB71dB/BView Label
235/70R16106H-9504472407369CB71dB/BView Label
245/70R16111HXL109050724875010CB72dB/BView Label
265/70R16112H-11204482727789CB72dB/BView Label
265/65R17112H-11204482727769CB72dB/BView Label
265/65R17116HXL12505082727769BB72dB/BView Label


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