SU6000 ECO

  Optimized construction & tread design ensures wider footprint thereby having unparalleled road contact providing overall driving safety and stability.
  Specially engineered sipes on the inner ribs reduce rolling resistance.
  Shoulder and inner ribs with wider grooves retain excellent dry and wet braking performance and very good handling properties.
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Product Description

SizeLoad Index / Speed SymbolMaximum Load
Max. Inflation Pressure
Rim Width
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth
255/55ZR18109W XL1030498.02657378.0CC73dB/BView Label
265/50ZR20111W XL1090498.52777748.0CC73dB/BView Label
275/45ZR20110W XL1060499.02737568.0CC73dB/BView Label
265/40ZR20104W XL900499.52717208.0CC73dB/BView Label
275/40ZR20106W XL950499.52787288.0CC73dB/BView Label
265/40ZR21105W XL925499.52717458.0CC73dB/BView Label
285/35ZR22106W XL9504910.02907598.0CC75dB/BView Label


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