HT1000 vfm

 HT1000 - variable pitch Ultra-modern “variable pitch” tread design offers low noise, meant for highway terrain
 HT1000 - grooves Wider circumferential grooves & lateral grooves evacuate water quickly defeating aquaplaning phenomena
 HT1000 - wavy sipes Wavy sipes leading to outstanding braking performance on wet conditions and delivers enhanced ride comfort
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Product Description

SizeLoad Index / Speed SymbolMaximum Load
Max. Inflation Pressure
Rim Width
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth
235/75R15105H-925446.52357339.9DC71dB/BView Label
215/70R16100H-800446.52217089.1DD71dB/BView Label
225/70R16103H-875446.52287229.9DC71dB/BView Label
235/70R16106H-950447.02407369.9CC71dB/BView Label
245/70R16111HXL1090507.02487509.9CC71dB/BView Label
265/70R16112H-1120448.02727789.9CC72dB/BView Label
225/65R17102V-850446.52287249.9CC71dB/BView Label
265/65R17112V-1120448.02727769.9CC72dB/BView Label

Additional Information


215/70 R16, 225/65 R17, 225/70 R16, 235/70 R16, 235/75 R15, 245/70 R16, 265/65 R17, 265/70 R16


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